I saw her phone ringing and a message from her boss: «I can’t wait to have you in my bed again …

Chapter 1:

I had already filled the bathtub with rose petals and opened the champagne in anticipation of a wonderful evening with my cheating wife. Our anniversary was supposed to be a night of rekindling the love we once had. I went all out, making sure every detail was perfect—dim lighting, soft music, and her favorite meal warming in the oven. I had even picked up a bouquet of her favorite flowers, peonies, which were now arranged elegantly on the dining table.

As I adjusted the candles around the tub, I heard her phone buzz on the dresser. Normally, I would never invade her privacy, but something in me—a gnawing suspicion that had been growing for weeks—compelled me to look. The screen lit up with a message from her boss, Frank. My heart raced as I read it.

«Can’t wait for you to be in my bed again…»

The words hit me like a punch to the gut. My hands trembled as I read the message over and over, hoping somehow that I had misinterpreted it. But there it was, in plain, damning text. All the doubts, the late nights at the office, the sudden trips—everything clicked into place with terrifying clarity.

I took a deep breath, feeling a cold rage settle over me. This was not just a betrayal; it was an insult, a mockery of the life we had built together. I had given her everything, and she repaid me with lies and deceit. My mind raced, considering my options. I could confront her, scream, shout, demand answers. But what good would that do? It would only give her the satisfaction of seeing me hurt.

No, I needed a plan. Something swift, merciless, and unforgettable. Revenge, I decided, would be my weapon. I had to be calm, calculated. I picked up her phone and took a screenshot of the message, sending it to myself. Evidence, I thought. I would need that.

I went back to the bathroom, tidying up the last few details. I made sure the champagne was chilling perfectly in the ice bucket and adjusted the petals floating on the surface of the water. Everything had to look normal, perfect, just as she expected. I didn’t want her to suspect a thing.

Time passed slowly as I waited for her to come home. Each minute felt like an eternity, my mind oscillating between fury and sorrow. The front door finally clicked open, and I heard her familiar footsteps. I plastered a smile on my face and walked out to greet her.

«Happy anniversary, darling,» I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

She looked radiant, her smile as dazzling as ever. «Oh, Jake, this is wonderful! You really went all out, didn’t you?»

«For you? Always,» I replied, forcing warmth into my tone. «I thought we could use a special night, just the two of us.»

She hugged me, and I felt a pang of sorrow mixed with the anger brewing inside me. How could she be so deceitful and yet act so lovingly?

As we sat down to dinner, I watched her closely, looking for any signs of guilt or nervousness, but she was a perfect actress. She chatted about her day, the mundane details of her job, all while I nodded and pretended to be interested.

After dinner, I led her to the bathroom. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the candles and rose petals. «This is amazing, Jake. Thank you.»

«Anything for you,» I murmured, helping her undress. She stepped into the bath, sighing with pleasure as the warm water enveloped her. I joined her, trying to relax and enjoy the moment, but my mind was a whirlwind of plans and possibilities.

As we sipped champagne, I decided it was time to set my plan in motion. «I found something interesting today,» I said casually.

«Oh? What was it?» she asked, her eyes half-closed as she leaned back against the tub.

«Your phone buzzed. A message from Frank.»

Her eyes snapped open, and she sat up straighter. «What did it say?»

«Can’t wait for you to be in my bed again,» I quoted, my voice cold.

Her face went pale, and she opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

I continued, «How long has this been going on, Sarah?»

She stammered, «I-I can explain, Jake. It’s not what you think.»

«Not what I think? Do you take me for a fool?» I snapped, my anger finally breaking through. «How long, Sarah?»

Tears welled up in her eyes. «A few months. It started as just harmless flirting, but then…»

«Then you decided to sleep with him,» I finished for her. «In his bed. While I was here, waiting for you.»

She sobbed, «I’m so sorry, Jake. I never meant to hurt you.»

«Well, you did,» I said, my voice icy. «And now, you’re going to pay for it.»

Her eyes widened in fear. «What are you going to do?»

«You’ll see,» I said, getting out of the tub. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. «Get dressed. We’re going out.»

«Where are we going?» she asked, her voice trembling.

«To see Frank,» I replied. «It’s time we had a little chat.»

She dressed quickly, her hands shaking. I could see the fear in her eyes, the realization that her actions had consequences. I led her to the car, and we drove in silence, the tension between us palpable.

When we arrived at Frank’s house, I turned to her. «Stay here. I’ll handle this.»

«Jake, please don’t do anything you’ll regret,» she begged.

I ignored her and got out of the car, marching up to the front door. I rang the bell, and after a few moments, Frank opened the door, looking surprised.

«Jake? What are you doing here?»

I didn’t answer. Instead, I punched him square in the jaw, sending him stumbling back into the house. I followed him inside, slamming the door shut behind me.

«Jake, what the hell?» he exclaimed, holding his jaw.

«You know exactly why I’m here,» I snarled. «You’ve been screwing my wife behind my back.»

«Look, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen like this,» he stammered.

«Save it,» I said, grabbing him by the collar. «You’re going to regret every moment you spent with her.»

I dragged him to the living room, where I saw a set of golf clubs by the window. Perfect, I thought. I grabbed one and swung it at his legs, bringing him down to the floor.

«Jake, please!» he pleaded, but I was beyond reason.

I swung the club again and again, the sound of it hitting his body satisfying a dark part of me. When I finally stopped, he was lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

«Consider this a warning,» I said, dropping the club. «Stay away from my wife, or next time, it will be worse.»

I turned and left, feeling a grim satisfaction as I walked back to the car. Sarah was crying, her face buried in her hands.

«Let’s go home,» I said, starting the car.

The ride back was silent, but I felt a sense of grim satisfaction. My revenge had only just begun. This was just the first step. I had more plans, more ways to make her pay. And I would see them through, no matter what it took.

Chapter 2:

The next morning, I wake up with a heavy feeling in my chest. The events of the previous night replay in my mind like a broken record. Sarah’s tear-streaked face, the satisfaction of seeing Frank writhing on the floor, and the silence that followed us home. I can’t stay in bed. There’s too much to do, and I need to keep moving.

I head to the kitchen, the smell of freshly brewed coffee greeting me. Sarah is already there, sitting at the table, staring blankly into her cup. Her eyes are red and puffy, evidence of a night spent crying.

«Morning,» I say curtly, pouring myself a cup.

She looks up at me, her expression a mixture of sorrow and guilt. «Morning, Jake. Can we talk?»

I take a seat across from her, keeping my face neutral. «What is there to talk about, Sarah?»

«About us, about what happened. I want to fix this,» she says, her voice trembling.

«Fix this?» I echo, a bitter laugh escaping my lips. «You think we can fix this after what you did?»

«Jake, I know I messed up. I was stupid and selfish, but I love you. I don’t want to lose you,» she pleads, reaching for my hand.

I pull away, shaking my head. «Love? You call this love? Sneaking around with your boss behind my back? Do you have any idea how much you’ve hurt me?»

Tears spill down her cheeks again. «I’m so sorry, Jake. Please, give me a chance to make things right.»

I stand up, unable to bear the sight of her anymore. «I don’t know if that’s possible, Sarah. I need some time to think.»

I leave the house, needing to clear my head. I drive aimlessly for a while before ending up at the park. The fresh air and the sound of birds help to calm me down. I sit on a bench, watching people pass by, lost in their own lives. My phone buzzes in my pocket, and I pull it out, half-expecting another message from Frank.

Instead, it’s a text from my best friend, Mark. «Hey, man. Haven’t seen you in a while. Wanna grab a drink tonight?»

I hesitate for a moment before replying, «Sure, I could use a drink.»

Later that evening, I meet Mark at our usual bar. It’s a cozy place, dimly lit with a relaxed atmosphere. Mark is already there, nursing a beer. He looks up and smiles when he sees me.

«Jake! Long time no see,» he says, clapping me on the back.

«Yeah, it’s been a while,» I reply, forcing a smile.

We order drinks, and I try to relax, but my mind keeps drifting back to Sarah and Frank. Mark notices my distraction and raises an eyebrow.

«What’s going on with you, man? You seem off.»

I take a deep breath, deciding to tell him the truth. «It’s Sarah. She’s been cheating on me with her boss.»

Mark’s eyes widen in shock. «What? Are you serious?»

I nod, clenching my jaw. «Yeah, I found out last night. I confronted her and…well, things got pretty ugly.»

«Damn, Jake. I’m sorry to hear that. What are you going to do?»

«I don’t know,» I admit, taking a swig of my beer. «Part of me wants to forgive her, but another part of me wants to make her suffer.»

Mark leans back in his chair, considering my words. «Revenge might feel good in the moment, but it won’t solve anything in the long run. You need to figure out what you really want.»

Before I can respond, my phone buzzes again. I pull it out and see a message from an unknown number. «Meet me at the old warehouse on Elm Street. We need to talk. -Frank»

I show the message to Mark, and he frowns. «That doesn’t sound good. You sure you want to go?»

«I have to,» I say, standing up. «I need to know what he wants.»

Mark grabs my arm. «Be careful, Jake. This sounds like a setup.»

«I will,» I assure him, heading out the door.

I drive to the warehouse, my mind racing with possibilities. What could Frank possibly have to say to me? Is he planning some sort of retaliation? I arrive at the warehouse, its dilapidated exterior looming in the darkness. I park my car and get out, my senses on high alert.

As I approach the entrance, I hear voices inside. I quietly slip in through a side door, staying in the shadows. I see Frank standing in the middle of the room, talking to a man I don’t recognize. The man is tall and muscular, with a menacing look about him.

«Are you sure this is the right move?» the man asks Frank.

«Trust me, it’s the only way,» Frank replies. «Jake needs to be taught a lesson.»

I feel a surge of anger and step out of the shadows. «What lesson, Frank?»

Frank turns, surprise flashing across his face. «Jake, you made it. I wasn’t sure you would.»

«I got your message,» I say, my voice cold. «What do you want?»

Frank smirks. «I want to make a deal. You leave Sarah alone, and I won’t press charges for assault.»

I laugh, a harsh, bitter sound. «Press charges? You think I’m afraid of you?»

«You should be,» the other man says, stepping forward. «I’m not someone you want to mess with.»

I size him up, my anger boiling over. «And who the hell are you?»

«Name’s Tony,» he says with a sneer. «I’m Frank’s…associate.»

«Associate,» I repeat, disgust evident in my tone. «More like his thug.»

Frank raises a hand, trying to calm things down. «Look, Jake, let’s not make this harder than it needs to be. Just walk away.»

«Walk away?» I echo, my voice rising. «After everything you’ve done? No, Frank. I’m not walking away. You are.»

Tony steps closer, his fists clenched. «You really want to do this, man?»

I take a step back, weighing my options. Fighting them both would be a bad idea, but I’m not backing down. «You think you can intimidate me? I’ve got nothing left to lose.»

«Maybe,» Tony says, cracking his knuckles. «But you’re about to lose a lot more.»

Before I can react, Tony lunges at me. I dodge to the side, narrowly avoiding his punch. I retaliate with a swift kick to his knee, causing him to stumble. Frank rushes at me, and we grapple, trading blows. I feel a sharp pain as Tony lands a punch to my ribs, but I ignore it, focusing on Frank.

«Stop!» A voice echoes through the warehouse, freezing us in place.

I look up and see a woman standing at the entrance. She’s tall, with dark hair and a commanding presence. She strides towards us, her expression stern.

«What’s going on here?» she demands.

Frank pales. «Emily, this isn’t what it looks like.»

«Save it,» she snaps. «I know exactly what this is. A pathetic attempt to intimidate Jake.»

She turns to me, her gaze softening. «Are you okay?»

I nod, bewildered. «Yeah, I think so. Who are you?»

«Emily,» she says, offering a small smile. «I’m Frank’s wife.»

Frank’s face turns ashen. «Emily, I can explain.»

«Explain?» she scoffs. «You’ve been cheating on me with your secretary, and now you’re trying to bully her husband? You’re disgusting.»

I watch, stunned, as Emily glares at Frank and Tony. «Both of you, get out of here. Now.»

They exchange glances before slinking away, their defeat palpable. Emily turns back to me, her expression softening.

«Jake, I’m so sorry. I had no idea Frank was capable of this.»

«It’s not your fault,» I say, still trying to process everything. «But what are you going to do now?»

She takes a deep breath. «I’m leaving him. I can’t stay with a man like that. And you…you deserve better than Sarah.»

I look at her, seeing the pain in her eyes. «Thank you, Emily. For everything.»

She nods, a sad smile on her lips. «Take care of yourself, Jake. And if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call.»

I watch as she walks away, feeling a strange sense of relief. The confrontation with Frank and Tony was a turning point, but it was Emily who truly opened my eyes. I realize now that I can’t let my anger consume me. I need to move on, to find a way to rebuild my life without Sarah.

As I drive home, I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. The road ahead won’t be easy, but I’m ready to face it. And with Emily’s words echoing in my mind, I know I’m not alone.

Chapter 3:

Back home, I find Sarah pacing the living room, her face twisted with anxiety. The moment she sees me, she rushes over, her eyes wide with worry.

«Jake! What happened? Are you okay?» she asks, reaching out to touch me, but I step back, avoiding her touch.

«I’m fine,» I say curtly. «Had a little chat with Frank and his thug.»

Her face pales. «Oh my God. What did he do?»

«Nothing I couldn’t handle,» I reply, brushing past her and heading to the kitchen. I need a drink, something strong to calm my nerves. I pour myself a whiskey, the amber liquid shimmering in the light.

«Jake, please,» she pleads, following me. «Tell me what happened.»

I take a sip, letting the burn of the alcohol ground me. «Your lover tried to intimidate me into walking away. It didn’t go as planned.»

She covers her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks. «I’m so sorry, Jake. I never wanted any of this.»

«Too late for that,» I say, my voice cold. «I met Frank’s wife, Emily. She threw them out.»

«Emily?» she echoes, her eyes widening. «She knows?»

«Yeah, she knows. And she’s leaving him,» I say, setting my glass down. «You should consider doing the same.»

She stares at me, her expression one of desperate hope. «Jake, please. I love you. I made a mistake, but we can fix this. We can go to counseling, we can—»

I cut her off, my patience wearing thin. «Stop, Sarah. Just stop. You think a few therapy sessions are going to fix what you broke? You betrayed me, and there’s no coming back from that.»

She collapses into a chair, sobbing uncontrollably. I watch her for a moment, a part of me feeling sorry for her, but the anger quickly drowns out any sympathy.

«I’m staying with Mark for a few days,» I say, grabbing a bag and stuffing it with clothes. «I need some space.»

«Jake, please don’t go,» she begs, but I ignore her, heading for the door.

As I drive to Mark’s place, I feel a strange mix of relief and sadness. Leaving Sarah behind feels like shedding a heavy burden, but it also leaves a void, a sense of loss for the life we once shared. When I arrive, Mark is waiting for me on the porch, a concerned look on his face.

«Hey, man,» he says, clapping me on the back. «You okay?»

«I’ve been better,» I admit, forcing a smile. «Thanks for letting me crash here.»

«Anytime, Jake. You know that,» he replies, leading me inside. «Beer?»


We sit in the living room, sipping our beers in silence for a while. Finally, Mark speaks up. «So, what’s the plan?»

«Plan?» I echo, feeling a sense of helplessness. «I don’t know, Mark. I have no idea what to do next.»

«Take it one step at a time,» he advises. «Focus on yourself for a bit. Figure out what you really want.»

His words make sense, but it’s easier said than done. I nod, taking another swig of my beer. «Thanks, man. I appreciate it.»

«Anytime,» he says, giving me a reassuring smile.

The next few days pass in a blur. I go through the motions, trying to distract myself with work and spending time with Mark, but the weight of Sarah’s betrayal lingers. One evening, as we’re watching a game on TV, my phone buzzes with a message from Emily.

«Hey, Jake. Can we meet? I think we need to talk. -Emily»

I show the message to Mark, who raises an eyebrow. «You gonna go?»

«I think I have to,» I say, texting her back. «Sure. Where?»

We agree to meet at a café downtown. When I arrive, Emily is already there, sitting at a corner table. She looks tired, but there’s a determination in her eyes that wasn’t there before.

«Hey,» I say, sitting down across from her.

«Hey, Jake,» she replies, offering a small smile. «Thanks for meeting me.»

«No problem. What’s up?»

She takes a deep breath, her fingers fiddling with the edge of her coffee cup. «I wanted to thank you. For what you did at the warehouse. It took a lot of courage.»

«I didn’t do it for you,» I say, my voice gentle. «But you’re welcome.»

She nods, looking down at her cup. «I’m leaving Frank. I’ve already filed for divorce.»

«Good for you,» I say, genuinely impressed. «You deserve better.»

«So do you,» she says, meeting my gaze. «That’s why I wanted to talk. I think we should work together.»

«Work together?» I echo, intrigued. «What do you mean?»

«Frank and Sarah betrayed us both. They thought they could get away with it, but they underestimated us,» she says, her eyes flashing with determination. «We can make sure they never hurt anyone else again.»

I lean back, considering her words. There’s a part of me that wants to move on, to leave all this behind. But there’s another part, a darker part, that craves justice. «What do you have in mind?»

She smiles, a hint of mischief in her eyes. «I’ve got a few ideas. Are you in?»

I take a deep breath, feeling a spark of excitement. «Yeah, Emily. I’m in.»

We spend the next few hours planning, our heads close together as we strategize. Emily is smart, resourceful, and determined. Together, we come up with a plan to expose Frank and Sarah’s affair to the world, to make them pay for what they’ve done.

The next day, we put our plan into action. Emily hacks into Frank’s email, finding incriminating messages and photos that leave no doubt about the affair. I gather evidence from Sarah’s phone and our shared computer, compiling a damning dossier.

With everything in place, we set up an anonymous website and upload the evidence. We send the link to Frank’s and Sarah’s colleagues, friends, and family. Within hours, the news spreads like wildfire, their reputations in tatters.

As the fallout begins, Emily and I watch from a distance, a sense of satisfaction washing over us. We know this is just the beginning, but it’s a start. Together, we can rebuild our lives, free from the shadows of betrayal.

As I drive back to Mark’s place, I feel a sense of closure. Emily was right; we deserved better, and now we’re taking control of our own destinies. The road ahead will be tough, but for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful.

When I walk into Mark’s house, he’s waiting for me, a curious look on his face. «How’d it go?»

I smile, feeling lighter than I have in weeks. «Better than I expected.»

«Good to hear,» he says, clapping me on the back. «Now, let’s get another beer and celebrate.»

As we sit on the porch, sipping our beers and watching the sunset, I realize that this is just the beginning. With Emily by my side, there’s nothing we can’t handle. And for the first time in a long time, I feel ready to face whatever comes next.

Chapter 4:

The days following our grand expose are a whirlwind of chaos and satisfaction. The fallout from the website is immediate and brutal. Frank and Sarah’s world collapses around them, their affair exposed to the harsh light of public scrutiny. I watch the drama unfold with a grim sense of justice. They deserve every bit of the humiliation they’re facing.

One evening, as Emily and I sit in a small café, sipping coffee and reflecting on the events, my phone buzzes with a message from Sarah. I show it to Emily, who nods, encouraging me to read it.

«Jake, please meet me. I need to talk. -Sarah»

Emily’s eyes narrow. «What do you think she wants?»

«I don’t know,» I reply, feeling a mix of curiosity and dread. «But I think I should find out.»

We arrange to meet at a park we used to visit often. As I approach, I see Sarah sitting on a bench, looking haggard and defeated. She looks up as I approach, her eyes filled with regret.

«Jake,» she says, her voice trembling. «Thank you for coming.»

I nod, standing a few feet away, my arms crossed. «What do you want, Sarah?»

«I deserved everything that’s happened,» she begins, her voice breaking. «I betrayed you in the worst possible way, and I’m so sorry. But there’s something you need to know.»

I feel a surge of anger. «What could you possibly tell me that would change anything?»

She takes a deep breath, her eyes pleading. «It’s about Emily. She’s not who you think she is.»

I frown, my mind racing. «What are you talking about?»

«She planned all of this,» Sarah says, tears streaming down her face. «She manipulated everything. The affair, the confrontation at the warehouse, even our divorce. It was all part of her plan to ruin Frank and me. She used you, Jake.»

I feel a chill run down my spine. «Why would she do that?»

«Because she wanted revenge,» Sarah says, her voice barely a whisper. «Frank wasn’t the only one cheating. Emily had her own affair, and Frank found out. He threatened to expose her if she didn’t agree to the divorce on his terms. She needed a way to destroy him first.»

My mind reels as I try to process this revelation. Could it be true? Had I been a pawn in Emily’s game all along?

«You’re lying,» I say, my voice shaking. «Emily wouldn’t do that.»

«Think about it, Jake,» Sarah pleads. «Everything fits. She showed up at the warehouse at just the right moment. She had all the skills to hack into Frank’s email. And she knew exactly how to manipulate you.»

I step back, feeling dizzy. It all makes sense, but I don’t want to believe it. Emily had been my ally, my confidante. Could she really have been using me this whole time?

«Jake, please,» Sarah says, reaching out to touch my arm. «You need to confront her. Find out the truth.»

I pull away, my mind racing. «I need to think.»

I walk away, my thoughts a whirlwind of confusion and anger. I need to talk to Emily, to hear her side of the story. I drive to her apartment, my heart pounding in my chest. When I arrive, she greets me with a smile, but it quickly fades when she sees the look on my face.

«Jake, what’s wrong?» she asks, her voice filled with concern.

«We need to talk,» I say, pushing past her into the apartment. «Sarah told me something, and I need to know if it’s true.»

Emily’s eyes narrow. «What did she say?»

«She said you planned all of this,» I reply, my voice shaking. «That you manipulated everything to get revenge on Frank.»

Emily’s face hardens, and for a moment, I see a flicker of something dark in her eyes. «And you believe her?»

«I don’t know what to believe,» I say, running a hand through my hair. «I need to hear it from you. Is it true?»

Emily takes a deep breath, her eyes locking onto mine. «Yes, Jake. It’s true.»

I feel like the ground has been pulled out from under me. «Why? Why would you do this?»

«Because I needed to destroy him,» she says, her voice cold and determined. «He ruined my life, threatened to expose my affair and take everything from me. I couldn’t let that happen. So, I used you to get back at him.»

My hands clench into fists, my anger boiling over. «You used me? You manipulated me and destroyed my life, just to get back at Frank?»

«Yes,» she says, her voice unwavering. «And it worked. He’s ruined, and so is Sarah. They both got what they deserved.»

I stare at her, feeling a mixture of rage and betrayal. «And what about me? What do I deserve?»

She steps closer, her expression softening. «Jake, you were a means to an end. But along the way, I started to care about you. That’s the truth. I didn’t plan on that happening, but it did.»

I shake my head, unable to process everything. «I can’t believe I trusted you.»

«Jake, please,» she says, reaching for my hand. «We can move past this. We can still be together.»

I pull away, my heart breaking. «No, Emily. I can’t. I can’t be with someone who would use me like that.»

Her eyes fill with tears, but she doesn’t try to stop me as I turn and leave. As I walk away, I feel a strange sense of relief. The truth is out, and I can finally start to move on.

I drive aimlessly for a while before ending up at Mark’s place. He opens the door, his eyes widening in surprise when he sees me.

«Jake, what happened?»

I tell him everything, the words tumbling out in a rush. When I’m finished, he shakes his head, a look of disbelief on his face.

«Man, that’s rough. I’m so sorry.»

«Yeah,» I say, feeling a sense of exhaustion wash over me. «But at least now I know the truth.»

«You gonna be okay?» he asks, his concern evident.

«I will be,» I reply, feeling a glimmer of hope. «It’s going to take some time, but I will be.»

Over the next few weeks, I focus on rebuilding my life. I find a new place to live, start seeing a therapist, and slowly begin to heal. It’s not easy, but with each passing day, I feel a little bit stronger.

One evening, as I’m sitting on my new porch, watching the sunset, my phone buzzes with a message from an unknown number.

«Jake, it’s Emily. I know you probably don’t want to hear from me, but I wanted to say I’m sorry. For everything. I hope you find happiness. -Emily»

I stare at the message for a long time before finally replying.

«Thank you, Emily. I hope you do too.»

As I hit send, I feel a sense of closure. The past is behind me, and I’m ready to move forward. The road ahead is uncertain, but for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. And that’s enough.

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