My eyes nearly popped out of my orbits when my cheating wife said to me, «Honey, would you mind if

Chapter 1: The Uninvited Guest

The evening began innocently enough, the familiar clink of our wine glasses echoing in the modestly lit dining room of our suburban home. Sarah, with her ever-charming smile, had outdone herself with a lavish dinner—her famous roast lamb that usually marked special occasions. But tonight was just an ordinary Thursday, or so I thought.

As I sipped the Cabernet, savoring the robust flavors, I noticed Sarah seemed jittery, her eyes flickering to the clock more often than to my face. «Everything alright, hon?» I asked, my voice laced with a hint of concern.

She nodded, flashing me a nervous smile. «Absolutely, darling. Just excited about tonight, that’s all.»

Confused, I furrowed my brow. «What’s special about tonight?» I queried, unaware that the next moment would tilt my world off its axis.

She hesitated, then reached across the table, squeezing my hand. «Honey, do you mind if another man joins us tonight? I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.» Her voice was a mix of excitement and anxiety. As she spoke, she gestured towards the living room where a young, handsome man stood awkwardly by the doorway.

I choked on my wine, coughing as the liquid went down the wrong pipe. My eyes darted between Sarah and the stranger, a storm of disbelief, anger, and hurt swirling inside me. «What?» was all I managed to croak out.

Sarah quickly stood up, her chair scraping against the hardwood floor. «Let me explain,» she rushed, her cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and thrill. «This is Mark, he’s from my yoga class. We… we’ve been talking and…»

«You’ve been talking?» I interrupted, the words acidic, stinging my own tongue. «And you thought tonight’s the night to bring your affair into our home?» My voice crescendoed from confusion to fury in a heartbeat.

«No, no, it’s not like that. It’s just a fantasy I’ve had, and I wanted to share it with you. I thought we could…» Her voice trailed off as she saw the rage building in my eyes.

I stood abruptly, the chair toppling behind me. Approaching Mark, who looked like he wished the earth would swallow him whole, I clenched my fists, trying to control the shaking. «You need to leave. Now,» I said, the menace in my tone clear.

Sarah stepped between us, her hands raised in a plea. «Please, let’s all just sit down and talk about this calmly. I didn’t mean to hurt you.»

Ignoring her, I pointed to the door. «Out,» I growled at Mark, who didn’t need telling twice. He mumbled an apology and scurried out, leaving the door ajar.

Once he was gone, I turned to Sarah, my heart pounding against my ribs like a drum. «How long, Sarah?» My voice was low, dangerous.

She was crying now, her makeup beginning to run. «It’s not what you think, I swear. It was just a fantasy. Nothing has happened between us!»

But the trust was shattered, hanging by a thread as thin as spider silk. «You brought him here, to our home. How am I supposed to believe nothing happened?» My voice broke, the pain seeping through the anger.

She sobbed, trying to reach for me, but I stepped back, the distance between us more than just physical now. «I need some air,» I muttered, grabbing my coat and slamming the door behind me.

Outside, the cool night breeze did little to quench the fire of betrayal raging within me. As I walked, a plan began to form—a way to make Sarah feel just a fraction of the pain coursing through my veins. Tonight was indeed going to be unforgettable, but not in the way she had hoped. My revenge would be precise, cold, and, most of all, deserved.

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Alliance

The night air was crisp, biting at my cheeks as I paced the empty streets, my mind racing faster than my feet. I needed an ally, someone cunning, someone who could turn the tide in my favor. And then it hit me. Sarah’s brother, Mike. Despite their familial ties, Mike had always been more of a brother to me than to her, and he had his own set of grievances against Sarah’s reckless decisions.

I pulled out my phone and dialed his number, my fingers trembling slightly as I pressed the phone against my ear. It rang twice before he picked up.

«Hey, bro, everything okay?» Mike’s voice was laced with concern. He could always sense when something was off.

«Mike, I need to see you. It’s urgent,» I said, my voice tight, trying to contain the storm within.

«Sure, man. Pub on 5th? Give me 20 minutes.»

The pub was nearly deserted when I arrived, a few lonely souls scattered around, nursing their drinks. Mike was already there, a pint in front of him, his eyebrows drawn together in worry.

«What’s going on?» he asked as soon as I sat down.

I took a deep breath and told him everything—about Mark, the proposed threesome, the confrontation. With each word, Mike’s frown deepened, his grip tightening around his glass.

«That’s messed up, man. Sarah’s really lost it this time,» he finally said, shaking his head in disbelief. «So, what’s the plan?»

«I want to scare them both. Make them regret ever crossing me. I thought maybe you could help me with that.»

Mike leaned back, his eyes narrowing as he thought. «I know a guy. Used to work with special effects in movies. He could rig something up—make them think they’re being haunted or something. Play on their guilt.»

I nodded, the idea appealing to my turbulent emotions. «Yes, something to freak them out, to make them paranoid.»

«We’ll need to set some ground rules. Make sure this doesn’t backfire on us. It needs to be clean, no traces back to us.»

«Agreed,» I said. «I just want to shake them up, not ruin lives.»

Mike clapped me on the shoulder. «I’ll make the call. Let’s see how brave they are when the ghosts of their decisions start haunting them.»

We spent the next hour hashing out the details, crafting a plan that was both ingenious and terrifying. It would start with simple things—whispers, shadows, things moving on their own. Then we’d escalate. Mike’s contact would help us set up everything. It felt like setting the stage for a psychological thriller, and in a twisted way, it was exhilarating.

As I left the pub, a plan in place, my heart was lighter but my soul darker. Revenge was a path fraught with peril, but I was too far gone to turn back now. Sarah and Mark had ignited something within me, and there was no quenching the fire until justice—my justice—was served. As I walked home, the shadows seemed to whisper and the wind seemed to echo my resolve. This was just the beginning.

Chapter 3: Ghosts of the Past

After setting the plan in motion with Mike, I found myself torn between anticipation and dread. The nights grew longer as I waited for our scheme to unfold, each tick of the clock echoing through my restless mind.

It began subtly. Mike’s contact, Carl, a wiry man with an unnerving knack for making the ordinary seem otherworldly, had rigged Sarah’s house with devices that made lights flicker and doors slam shut of their own accord. He was a magician of the modern age, turning technology into terror.

One evening, I decided to see the effects firsthand. Parking down the street, I watched as the lights in the house dimmed and then brightened, a planned anomaly in the electrical current. Through the windows, I could see Sarah and Mark jump, their silhouettes tense against the flickering lights.

The next phase involved sound. Carl had installed hidden speakers that would emit soft whispers at just the right volume to make one doubt their sanity. I couldn’t help but smile, a bitter twist to my lips, as I imagined what it must be like for them, the strains of indistinct murmurs creeping through the walls.

A few days later, Mike called me to meet up. He had been keeping an eye on Sarah and Mark and had updates on their reaction.

As I entered the same pub where we’d plotted our revenge, Mike was already there, a serious look plastered across his face.

«They’re spooked, man,» he said without preamble. «Sarah’s been calling me, freaking out about strange noises and moving shadows. Mark’s convinced they need to call someone to check the electrical wiring.»

«Good,» I replied, unable to keep the harshness out of my voice. «They deserve to feel a little of what I felt.»

Mike eyed me cautiously. «Just remember, we agreed not to go too far. This is about scaring them, not—»

«I know what we agreed,» I cut him off, my patience wearing thin. «But they crossed a line first. They need to understand that.»

Before Mike could reply, my phone buzzed. It was a text from Carl: «Stage 3 ready. Need your go.»

I showed Mike the message. «We’re moving to the next level tonight. Carl’s set up some visual tricks—shadows, figures appearing in the corner of their eyes. Subtle, but should be enough to ramp up the fear.»

Mike nodded slowly, clearly worried. «Just be careful, alright? Revenge is a tricky game. You don’t want to end up losing yourself in it.»

«Too late for second thoughts now,» I muttered, feeling a dark satisfaction knowing that Sarah and Mark were just a step away from unraveling.

That night, the shadows danced. From my car, I could see flickers of movement behind the curtains of Sarah’s house. Carl’s handiwork was a masterpiece of terror. Even from a distance, the eerie ambiance was palpable, and I found myself caught between elation and a piercing sting of residual heartache.

The final straw came a week later. It was time for the pièce de résistance—a projection of a ghostly figure that would appear in their bedroom. Carl had assured me it was his best work yet, realistic enough to send a chill down the spine of the bravest soul.

I was parked outside their house again, the now-familiar stakeout spot, when the lights in their bedroom flickered ominously. Minutes later, a scream shattered the silence of the night. It was Sarah, her voice tinged with raw, unfiltered terror.

I sat back, a sense of grim satisfaction washing over me. This was it. They were finally getting a taste of the torment I had endured.

As the screams continued, a part of me felt vindicated, another part disturbed. What had started as a controlled burn was quickly turning into a wildfire, one that threatened to consume everything in its path—including me.

Chapter 4: Unveiling the Shadows

The night after the spectral figure appeared in their room, the weight of what I had orchestrated bore down on me. As the screams had echoed down the street, something inside me had shifted. I had wanted revenge, but the terror in Sarah’s voice was a stark reminder of the depth into which I had sunk.

I sat alone in my dark living room, the only light emanating from the flickering candle on the coffee table, mimicking the instability of my thoughts. My phone lay next to it, silent and accusatory. I hadn’t heard from Mike or Carl since last night, and I wondered if they too were reevaluating our drastic actions.

A sharp knock at my door jolted me from my reverie. Glancing at the clock, which showed just past midnight, a sense of foreboding washed over me. I approached the door cautiously, peering through the peephole.

Mike stood outside, a grim expression on his face.

I opened the door, heart pounding. «Mike, what’s—»

He pushed past me without waiting for an invitation, his eyes scanning the room as if searching for unseen threats. «We need to talk,» he said, his voice low and urgent.

«What’s wrong?» I asked, closing the door.

«It’s Sarah. She knows, man. She knows it was us.»

My stomach dropped. «How? We were careful.»

Mike rubbed his temples, looking older than his years. «She didn’t. Not until she decided to fight back. She called me, scared and furious, saying she’d seen things and heard things… Then she admitted she had installed cameras, for security, she said. She saw Carl setting up some of the equipment.»

Panic flared within me. «So, what now? Does she want to go to the police?»

«No,» Mike replied, his face hardening. «She wants to meet. Just you and her. She says she understands why you did it, but there are things you don’t know. Things she wants to tell you directly.»

I hesitated, fear and curiosity warring within me. «Where?»

«At the house. Tomorrow night.»

The next night, I stood before Sarah’s house, the scene of so much deceit and fear. The house looked different in the darkness, shadows clinging to it like a second skin.

Sarah answered the door. She was alone, her face pale but composed.

«Come in, please,» she said quietly, stepping aside.

I followed her into the living room where it all began. She turned to face me, taking a deep breath. «I owe you an explanation,» she began, her voice steady despite the tremor I saw in her hands. «That night, with Mark… it wasn’t what you think. I wanted to talk to you about a fantasy, yes, but not to hurt you. I thought it might bring us closer. A stupid mistake.»

I felt my defenses rising. «And inviting him into our home? How could that possibly bring us closer?»

She nodded, accepting the rebuke. «I see that now. But there’s more. Mark is… he’s not just a friend from yoga. He’s a therapist, a professional in couples’ counseling. I thought if we could talk, all together, it might help us.»

I struggled to process her words. «A therapist? You brought a therapist into our home under the guise of fulfilling a fantasy?»

«It was misguided,» she admitted. «But after you left, I was devastated. I realized how far we had drifted apart, how desperate I was to fix things in such a dramatic way.»

«Why didn’t you just tell me?»

«I thought you’d refuse. And when everything fell apart, I was too ashamed to explain.»

We stood in silence, the weight of countless unspoken words hanging between us. Then, she took a step closer. «I don’t expect forgiveness. But I’m here, willing to fix this, if you are.»

Her words hit me harder than any revenge could. The realization of how far off course I had veered shook me to my core. I had become the ghost in our relationship, haunting us with my actions.

«Maybe we do need that therapy,» I finally said, the fight draining out of me.

Sarah nodded, tears glistening in her eyes. «Together,» she whispered.

As we stood there, the house finally silent around us, I realized that the real horror wasn’t the ghosts we had summoned, but the ones we had become to each other. Now, it was time to lay them to rest.

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